About Videokast

With executive offices in Leesburg VA, Videokast.tv is an operating division of Videokast, a privately held company focused on its mission to facilitate access to a databank of highly creative webshows that originate through the increasing empowerment of individuals seeking a platform for delivery of the extraordinary.

Videokast serves as a production, hosting and webcast distributor of digital media content for those individuals and companies who seek a method to create and deliver a personal "webshow" with a quality and style that can be enjoyed outside the cacophony and control of a YouTube environment.

The UpStart Show is a hyper-viral mix of multimedia, entertainment, education and social networking that bridges the communities of early stage entrepreneurs and angel/venture capital investors. During each show several entrepreneurs deliver a 3-5 minute business pitch presentation to an evaluator panel including the show host and a guest Venture Capitalist and/or Angel Investor. The panel discusses the business plan, the likelihood of success and then provides candid feedback regarding the prospects for venture funding as well as go-to-market scenarios.

Target Audiences/Stakeholders:
Large, business and service provider audience comprised of start-up entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, angel investors, co-workers, family members, Facebook friends, business associates, idea brokers, business consultants, attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, university students, MBA post-graduates, business consultants, technology association executives, recruiters, news and broadcast journalists, and, generally, all those persons interested in entrepreneurship and learning more about the innovations and early-stage business opportunities that are currently bubbling to the surface in the new economy.

By providing professional services which focus on the production and distribution of Live or OnDemand audio and video presentations, Videokast offers Independent Content Creators a better choice of dedicated facilities, flexibility, branding, advertising, and control over the output and methods of distribution.

Do you have a show? We can help you produce it. We can help you deliver it across the web. We can combine your creativity with an opportunity.

Videokast.tv - it's Your Place for Your Show.

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